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Welcome To Selentino

This site along with , is for sale. This is a minimum site all things can be added to or taken away from this site. Call Charlie at 276-926-6432 for info.

Your hat, by its quality and individuality; poise and pitch; angle and drop can be made to take on as many varying moods as the face underneath.

 A hat may look aristocratic or vulgar; serious or humorous; gloomy or cheerful; dignified or flippant; radical or conservative; rakish or righteous; fresh or wilted; alive or dead. Your hat is YOU.

It commends or condemns you. It bestows character or becomes a caricature. Hence, it should not be selected at random, but chosen with care, to be a reflection of the wearer's taste, position and personality.

Thus, really a fine hat is not just a disbursement to cover the head, but an investment in individuality, self-respect and the respect of others"

Excerpted from: "From Beaver's back, To Man's Head" C. A. Mallory, President, Mallory Hat Company.

What are you waiting for  ?            Click on one of the hat images  from the hats at the top of this page .

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